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Safe Servicing and Maintenance.


We will supply and fit an Electronic Kaba-Mas /Lagard /Combogard Pro 39e lock to your existing safe.

A few of the lock features include Audit Trail, 9 user codes, dual code and time delay as standard.  

Fully service your safe as per the Typical safe service listed below with 12 months warranty on all parts and labour costs.

Phone for price quoting the make and model of your safe if known &  Combogard Pro Special Offer.


Safe Servicing & Maintenance

We offer a range of preventative maintenance and service contracts to suit your individual needs and requirements, periodic service of your safes, especially higher grade safes is recommended due to complicated bolt-work & internal relock devices, which require occasional checking to ensure no parts have worked loose with age, this could cause a potential lock out of the safe.

Non contract servicing of safes available at very competitive rates.

Servicing carried out on all types of locking systems ( Key Combination & Electronic systems).

All work carried out by our own technicians.

Maintenance carried out in all area's. Discounted price for multiple safe sites.

Servicing of a safe is important and often overlooked, most people believe that safes and their locking systems continue to operate  without the need to have them checked. This misconception often leads to failure of locking systems or bolt-work, resulting in potentially high expenditure and loss of business hours, when lock outs occur.



  • Removal of lock from safe, clean and service the lock mechanism.

  • Check all keys, spindles and electronic lock cables and keypads for wear as required.

  • Remove handle assembly check for wear and fully clean.

  • Grease all moving parts.  (Bolt-work, hinges & anti-explosive devices as fitted).

  • Check all re-lock devices, cables and rollers. (replace as required)

  • Adjust door & alignment for smooth operation.

  • Check safe fixing bolts.

  • Check every moving part in the safe for wear including bolts and bolt slides.

  • Check every nut and bolt for tightness and replace if required.

  • Clean the safe inside & out including all bolt holes.

  • Supply a full report on the safe.


Available Safe Service Options

Servicing & Maintenance Options Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
24Hr  Service Line yes yes yes yes
Call Out yes yes yes yes
Onsite Labour Included   yes yes yes
Travel to site Included   yes yes yes
Parts Included   yes yes yes
Return Visits Included if Needed   yes yes yes
Annual Preventative Maintenance Service     yes yes
Out side of normal Hours       yes



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